The Sounds of Summer

When I was a child and my growing up days, for sure, summer was my favorite time. When I reflect as to why, (besides the obvious)I really think it was the sounds and smells that summer brings. We now live in air-conditioned houses, sprinklers systems that go on at 4:00 am in the morning, and landscape companies that take care of the lawn. Well, for us we do have the air-conditioning but the other two we do not have. :)I think the sound of the sprinkler, the sound of the lawn mower, the neighbors talking out on their front porch, we miss all of this because we are in our tight little house, free of summer. So today I chose to open the front door and listen to the sprinkler and the neighbors lawn mower. You may think me crazy but this is the part of summer that I really enjoy!!!


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