Acts 2:38 and Fishing??

I never in my wildest dreams knew fishing could be so hilarious!!! But with my three boys anything is possible!! I laughed so hard, it hurt to breathe….What started the problem was the fish were apparently not hungry, maybe to late in the morning, or they didn’t like the bait we used. But it was so frustrating to see the fish swim all around the the hook but never bite…….So…..thus came Jacobs theory to spear fish!!!! They all decided to try it but to no avail. When that didn’t work Jacob decided to quote Acts 2:38 to the fish and tell them that this was a free gift of food that they wanted to give to the fish. All they had to do was to freely accept this wonderful gift!!! When someone drove by I asked him to please lower his preaching voice!! At any rate what an absolutely wonderful day we spent laughing our heads off.


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  1. August 17, 2009 / 5:45 am

    Yeah. I could picture Jacob preaching to fish. LOL

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