A Platinum Elite

My son composed this poem several years ago, he doesn’t like it but I think its so cute!! At our Church we call the elderly folks the Platinum Elite. Now you must read this poem all the way to the end, so not to get the wrong idea. We love older people so much!!

A Platinum Elite

A Platinum Elite,
Is like an old piece of meat.
Like an old pair of pants,
Without any pleats.

When their hearing goes bad,
They get hearing aides.
When they get Alzheimer’s,
They say its old age.

They are like an old drum,
That soon loses rebound.
They are like lost glasses,
That cannot be found.

They are like an old record player,
When the needle gets broken.
They are like an old hymn,
That never is spoken.

They are like a piece of bread
That when it gets old,
Is covered from top to bottom,
In fuzzy, green mold.

They are like an old page,
Torn from a book.
They are like an old fish,
Caught on a hook.

They are like an old record case,
That begins to crumble and crack.
They are like an old car,
When the tires go flat.

They are like an old elephant,
With a lot on their mind.
They are like an old friend,
That really is kind.

So when you need someone to talk to,
They are not hard to find.
Like an old mountain,
That hasn’t been mined.

So summing it up,
A Platinum Elite,
Sounds something like someone,
I’d like to meet.

Written by Jacob Avendano


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