Christmas at Rachel’s

We drove over to my sister Rachel’s house and enjoyed a nice evening. If my sister is breathing then she is doing some sort of remodeling to her house. She always has some project going…spring, winter, summer and fall!! So since part of her house was being reconstructed we had dinner in one of the empty rooms. But it turned out very beautiful and a awesome menu, which included….Sirloin Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Rolls, Potato Mix (which was sweet potatoes and white potatoes, with half and half, garlic and cheese I think, baked in the oven…delish!!)then two salads, and a whole dessert table too good to even think about!!

Sammy Avendano

Caleb Avendano

Jacob Avendano

Beth and Jacob squished the life out of Charlie!!

My niece Beth Rhoades

My niece Katie Lethin


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