Christmas at Grandma’s

This year Christmas went so fast but before you knew we were at grandma’s having breakfast. On the menu was Spiral Ham, Eggs, Cheesy Hash-browns, Cardamon Coffee Yeast Braid (Bread), Cinnamon twists and a Fruit Dish. As you can tell by my Pics on this blog we get together often and ….eat!! We also had some friends over and enjoyed stuffing our faces!!

Grandma’s pretty breakfast table ~

Was this the middle of the prayer?? Hopefully at the end :)Ummm was I taking the pictures?? oops!!

More of grandma’s beautiful table ~

Grandma and Doug Lethin looking at pictures from his family’s cruise

Cousin Katie and Jacob Avendano in a big debate at breakfast about files on her iPhone.

Webster Beard

Sam Avendano Sr. and Lizzy our poodle taking a morning nap 🙂


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