Ski Trip

Skiing always sounds like a good idea till the alarm clock goes off at the unreasonable hour of 5 a.m. Who in their right mind would want to pay alot of money to stand on top a freezing mountain, when I would rather get a blanket and go sit by the fire? These were some of the “nice” thoughts that passed through my mind as my boys and I loaded the van up with snowboards, skis, and plenty of food. We had only just left our home development when Sammy, who had been determined to wear regular pants and then change at the mountain, realized that he had forgotten his snow pants at home. Thankfully, Jacob did his usual, ” What did everyone forget today?”. Sammy has him to thank.

The weather report showed signs of a strong wind picking up on the mountain, but at least while we were skiing, it was blue sky and sunny, and only started looking bad at the end of the day. By that time I was done skiing anyway.

All in all, it was a very fun day and I’m reminded of our ski trip every time I walk. Hopefully by next week, the reminding soreness will have diminished. 😉


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  1. March 7, 2011 / 11:01 pm

    Hey!! Good seeing you all last weekend! It was fun!!! Can't wait to be back up there!

    Tell Sammy I found that app…it's called iTouchScreen Camera. And like read the description of the game in the app store!!! It really does sound soooo real!!



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