Untitled Poem by Jacob Avendano

By Jacob Avendano


Lost in the moment that killed Father Time
Became the high-school dropout’s cop-out line.

Up on the stand he heard his end near
Sentenced to death, proclaimed with no fear.

As he turns his tattooed covered head
His face turns gray with a slip of red.

He looks at the people who have surrendered him to fate
And silently asks them to review his case.

A life without love, a house not a home
Was the thing that had turned his heart into stone.

Calloused, bruised, not having a weakness
Always taught him that cold nights should be sleepless.

To die would be gain for those who hated
To live would be hardship to he who waited.

Life has no meaning with one who is doomed
Who has given up hope and become mentally entombed.

To one who has a life such as this
Void of sense and meaningful purpose.

To live again, in a life without pain
One must give up the fight and follow the slain.

For the Christian with his hope on Golgotha’s hill
Is something that man tried, but could never kill.

To die with the hope of Christ in your chest
Would not be dying but simply entering eternal rest.



  1. March 15, 2011 / 6:19 am

    Hi Naomi. Please tell Jacob that his poem was really good. It was a pleasant surprise to see you all at On Course. 🙂

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