Sammy’s Birthday 2012

Sammy’s Birthday took place in two locations this year. His “REAL” Birthday was when we were in Ventura, CA at PCC, plus we had planned to go to Disneyland on that day. 

So it was up early to have breakfast in bed (on his Auntie’s Esther’s couch) and then off to Anaheim, CA.  When we got home from our California vacation we had his party.  More birthday pictures HERE

Now you can assume what you want but I can guarantee you that these three angels where in the middle of a pillow fight, but stopped while I was watching.

Food and more food.

Miss Lindsey Herr

My husband eyeing his 3rd piece of cake 🙂

Make a wish 🙂

Cousin Katie and Jacob are also looking angelic but I am sure it was not so 🙂

OK, forget the angelic part…. Sammy’s not even trying!!

Sammy, Cousin Katie, and Luke


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