A Picnic With Grandma

Late last summer we went to our favorite picnic spot…Hagg Lake.  I remember as a child during the summer months my family always went on a picnic usually Friday for dinner or Saturday.  Many fond memories have been made sitting by the creek talking and relaxing.

I hope to instill in my children the simple pleasures of life and making memories.  Funny but when I was a kid going shopping or spending money…those memories I dont recall as well. 

But if you ask me about going to the park with my family…wading in the creek that was ice cold…taking a trip to the Oregon Coast with my whole family including grandpa and grandma…I will never forget those times because it wasn’t about money or maybe even being real busy it was about spending time with those I loved.

Sometimes we can get so busy going here and there that we don’t take time to enjoy those around us and do some simple pleasures that make lasting memories. 

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