A Random Poem is Always in Order

 So Jacob wrote this Birthday poem for Bethany Wakefield….I had to share…. it really makes me smile!! Jacob has a wonderful nack for writing..I plan to share more of his poems and compositions.


A random poem is always in order
Because they don’t make sense
There’s nothing more so annoying
Than a writer who rides the fence

Hear me now as I prove to you
The difference between mine and another
Appears as mine was written by child
And not by someone’s grandmother

Everyone should get a birthday wish
A wish they wish would come true
So since I am writing this poem
I shall make the wish for you

You’ve said before with jealousy tainted
Crutches you wish you could don
Needing therefore some malady to happen
I present this birthday wish gone wrong

So let’s gather ourselves, composure and all
For we have lots in store
By saying we, I of course mean me
Cause I have plans galore

I hope that when you first wake up
A piano falls on your head
But then again instead of you
It might just break your bed

Be cautious when leaving your bed
Tangled sheets are nasty foes
Wait, what am I saying
We want you to break your toes!

Head downstairs very carefully please
We don’t want you to be in a hurry
We just want you to slip and fall
But be assured it’s not to worry

We have all this planned
And this time when I say we
I don’t just mean me myself
I mean Austin, for he has joined the team

When this short poem is through
Let him be your faithful guide
I’m sure he’ll be so very happy
He has even more ideas than I.

It’s time to eat breakfast finally
And without a moment to fail
The milk has already gotten warm
And the cereal is stale

There’s a reason for this lateness
I didn’t just forget
I would go so far as to say in fact
That I even strategically planned it

Because cereal is a dangerous thing
There are even cereal killers
But we don’t want you to die just yet
We have more bone breaking thrillers

Go outside to get some fresh air
Keeping our only goal in mind
To be unsafe as we can
And find an un-exploded land mine

Climb to the peak
The very highest of the hill
Just stay away from the hospital
They’ll arrest you for being mentally ill

One way that’s always great to get hurt
Is running, jumping, spinning around
You’ll break, sprain, twist or injure
Something when you hit the ground

Hurry there’s no time to waste
You’ve got to get ready for the night
An umbrella, a flashlight and no one will know
You’re attempting the human kite

So there, that is what I wish
Wrapping it all up, I beg
That you would have a wonderful birthday
And hey, break a leg!

Jacob Avendaño



  1. January 16, 2013 / 11:15 pm

    Ha! Very good!

  2. January 17, 2013 / 2:51 pm

    Oh my! Haha! Yes, Jacob is quite the poet!
    Just now when I read it again, in my mind I could hear him reading it in a British accent LOL! Still makes me laugh 😀


  3. January 21, 2013 / 4:34 pm

    Bethany….the British accent makes the poem!!


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