Standing in front of my window and looking outside, my mind drifted to summer and wishing for that season right now.  Where I live we have 4 distinct seasons, I love them all but I will say there is nothing like beautiful roses and flowers that bloom so beautiful in the summer.

  Wishing for summer won’t bring it here, so in the mean time I will look at my pictures.  My mom (Grandma) and I always try and make one visit every summer to the The Portland Rose Gardens
     One of my favorite places to visit!!! The boys come and indulge us, while we smell all the many different varieties of beautiful roses.

 The boys trying to be calm and pose for a picture..what I didn’t say earlier is that the Rose Gardens for some reason makes us laugh um…is it fair to blame it on the Rose Gardens? I think every where we go something makes us laugh 🙂

 Awe my favorite

A peeking view through the rose bushes to downtown Portland.


 Grandma holding a rose 🙂

 Actually maybe these are my favorite?!


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