Burbank in January Pt.1

      Sammy went to California to visit Rachel and Jacob went to chaperon (and collect his free chaperon meals.) LOL
     The first stop was to eat at  Joe Peeps New York Style Pizza which their friend Marvin manages. Its so wonderful to be friends with the pizza guy!!
     The weather was cool, but not as cool as it is in McMinnville in January! The boys told me it was in the mid 60’s Sunday afternoon, which sounds like a dream to us stuck in the middle of an Oregon winter.
     Visiting the Reagan Library was a cool experience from the pictures they showed me. By the way all these pictures are compliments of Mr. Jacob.

For more pictures go to January in Burbank

At Joe Peeps

At the Americana Mall

Friends from Fontana drove to Burbank to meet the boys for breakfast.

Reagan Library

Simi Valley

A piece of the Berlin Wall

President for a day

another president….


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