iPhoto vs. Photo

Blogging in all of its glory comes and goes, but few bloggers remain diligent at this process :{

     I for one fell off the wagon, sort of because of the craziness of life and also because of the iPhoto to Photo update several months (years?) ago.

     Not sure how many of you are Mac users out there, but when the change took place all of my 16,000 (yes, for reals) photos got dumped into what seems like an endless file that is all unorganized and mixed up. I for one, with many others do not like the new Photo that Mac is running.

This problem has had me bewildered as to how to sort them out so that I could blog again.

However, that type of figuring out I didn’t have time to do, so therefore the blog has suffered.

     I recently came across a writer who addressed this issue so that I can temporarily sort out my photos and then move them to a external hard drive and do my best to figure out the new Photo.

It is inevitable that we must move forward but I needed a way to sort out all these past pics.

     If any of you have had this same issue I will post a link to the article. Just a reminder, this is not a forever solution, but temporary. We must conquer the new Photo 🙂 although I hope there will be updates to help make it better this fall.

Link to article – iPhoto vs. Photo

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