Picture Albums, What are they?


      For those of you that are over 15, you may remember the little book that has sadly almost been forgotten……. the picture album.

     I remember looking at photos for hours when I was a kid, trying to relive the images in my mind of vacations in the past. And/or trying to figure out who in the WORLD was that person in the picture!!!

     My boys also enjoyed growing up with the experience of pulling all of the picture albums off the shelf and going one by one through them all. Of course no one wanted to put them back on the shelf…..

     This new generation only knows of photos on hard drives or random picture books we have had someone print out for us. While I will agree with you those books are quite amazing… I have tried having some printed myself, but most of our pics are hidden somewhere on a computer or cell phone.

     This blogs purpose was for my immediate family and also for all of our out of town family to enjoy those pics that maybe they would never see but would enjoy sharing the moment with us.

      So all this being said, if you’re not family and you look at this blog over the next few months while I play catch-up, you may wonder how Christmas may appear two times in the next few weeks or wonder many things!! LOL

      Just remember when you look at this blog, you are going to the shelf and pulling out a photo album……

    Pictures mark time, yet at the same time they are timeless!

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  1. July 12, 2016 / 4:30 am

    Amen and AMEN to the part about NO ONE everrrr wanting to put the albums back!!!! lol

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