Mystery Trips?

Why and how are the most common questions I have been asked.

I came up with the idea because my husband rarely gets to go on family trips with us because he is working.

You see, we own our own business, ATS Appliance Repair LLC and we have tried to keep just family as employees, thus keeping our customer service at a higher standard.

Our busiest day of the week is Saturday, people don’t want to have to take off work during the week to get their appliance fixed. Our slower days are Tuesday and Wednesday.

The other reason is my husband turns 61 this May and retirement for us… may be many years ahead, I thought it would be fun to take one year and plan a surprise trip for my husband for every month starting February 2018.
Why February? Well, thats when I came up with the idea 😉

Lets talk cost….many sacrifices have to take place if you want to do this.

Here is a list that has helped me save money

  • Limit eating out during the week
  • Dutch Bros (huge waste of money, my opinion of course)
  • Menu planning for meals, saves unplanned shopping trips
  • Make lunches for work

Here is another list for budget traveling

  • Use airline miles
  • Use companion fares that some credit cards offer annually
  • Rent car through airline to get miles
  • Rent hotel through airline to get miles (unless I find an Airbnb that I have to stay in, LOL)
  • Get emails from airlines when they have promo sales
  • Pay Cash

We are trying this for a year and I will let you know at the end of the year how it has worked. Sam said he wants to plan the last trip as a surprise to me 🙂 Oh boy!! We will probably end up in a museum in South Africa.

Also, one other thing is….. I am planning trips close by not like Morocco (my dream) because we usually only have a couple of days to travel so we have to make it close by.

I am all for spicing up life and not getting bored and sitting at home just because we are getting older!  Amen? Amen!


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