Carmel By the Sea (Mystery Trip #1)~ Part Two

In the afternoon we drove to the lovely town of Monterey, California. We went to several towns in California on our honeymoon way back in the dark ages…. and this town was one of them. Incredible area, the drive there is beautiful too!!


Ok, so I overdid the beach photos but it was gorgeous and nostalgic at the same time.





LOVE the water and the way this photo turned out…the fact that you can see through it!!




This pot of suculants was so intriguing, I would love to do this at home but our Oregon weather is a tad to chilly in the winter for this.


We didn’t go to the aquarium because it was going to take to long and we still wanted to visit 17 Mile Drive, so we walked the streets of Cannery Row in Monterey and then went to our next place of interest.




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