Christmas Day what a lovely time we had!! The Lord has been so good to bless us with a wonderful family and so many good things…….I am so thankful!!

Christmas Eve, everyone is really wanting to open a present so the idea to have a PJ present helps the desire to tear into all the packages under the tree. Everyone gets to open their PJ present except Lizzy the dog.

Where does the time go? It seems to just fly by, I was looking through some old pictures and found these pics of Jacob….thought it would be fun to post them.
Tomorrow is his Birthday, so breakfast in bed will be served. The Birthday party we are having a few days from now, so all the friends and family will be back in town.
Will post pics as soon as I get them!!! Jacob I Love you dearly !!!!!!!

Jacob and Caleb had a dinner to attend and got the bright idea to wear bow ties…..goodness, it brought back memories to the many weddings we went to in the 80’s where the bow ties were the in….thing!

Jacob and his cousin Beth will really be the only ones to appreciate this post. For many years almost 17, Beth has tried to get a hug from Jacob, but he would run out the door if necessary to escape the HUG from Beth, after all…. cousins have cuties…….right? Well something changed and Beth was allowed her first hug!!!!!! This is a momentous occasion. 🙂