Dinner was fabulous, great food and too much dessert. We had it at my sister Rachel’s house, food, food, and more food!!!

Breakfast was fabulous as usual, we had it at my moms house with friends and family. The boys did their part by dipping the donuts in frosting which always turns into a fiasco. But other than that the food and company was great. We also got to see baby Isabella, wow she is sure growing up fast.

WCC in Fresno, California
These pics are courtesy from my son Jacob 🙂

Each time one of my boys buys a new instrument, they have to re-arrange their bedroom to make it fit. If this continues….they will be sleeping in the hallway. Or maybe we could just make standing beds, is there such a thing???? 🙂

A certain someone (me) planted a very small tree next to the house long ago. Not thinking that some day the tree would get very large and start pushing the gutters off with the branches. So the day came when we needed to get the tree out, I didn’t want to hire it done, so I employed my unwilling boys to dig the tree stump out. With great victory it was accomplished!!! My husband was totally thrilled because he could sit back and rest as the project unfolded…I have learned my lesson about planting trees to close the house 🙂