My nephew Charlie’s graduation party. My sister did a great job of decorating the backyard for a bar-be-que. Another one graduating….These kids grow up way to fast!!!

Bella showing Jacob her “Hello Kitty” purse.

and… the contents    🙂

 A mischievous look

Lighthouse Christian Academy 2013 Graduation
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Oregon is an amazing green State, the evergreen trees and amazing foliage of so many different types of trees, makes a beautiful view at any season!!  We went walking on a short trail in Portland, and again were reminded of the beauty that this grand State of Oregon holds.

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This is the greatest deli in Portland, of which there are several locations but I love this one on                NW 22nd Elephant’s Delicatessen. They have different stations throughout the restaurant depending upon what you want to eat. Pizza, sandwiches, sides, cheeses, bakery….the options are endless.

The only drawback is, if your party is eating different items your food is ready at different times, so you either wait and have cold food or eat ahead of everyone else.

I haven’t mentioned the best part of this establishment….the gifts, home decor, table decorations, cards and stationary.  I find it hard to eat with all this beauty intertwined between all the food. I just want to window shop the whole time I am here!!

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Pizza Counter       (Um….that is root beer and pizza)

Side Dishes and Cheese


Love even more

Sauces, Dips and Dressing’s

More of what I like



The Best 🙂

The youth had a 1940’s dress up evening, with a dinner and skit.  The best part was going over to my moms house and digging out hats and ties from “my grandpa’s” era.  Oh the fun plus all the other stuff they got to looking at while at my moms house….full of memories!!!

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The Hummer?? 1940’s??? LOL