Christmas Sunday with all the Sunday school and Church kids. So beautiful to see their participation in this special Church service.

If  only you could have seen the in between shots!!!  

Love my piano players ~

     At age 7, all my boys started their path of learning to play the piano.  At first the excitement of getting to play on the  grand piano was amazing. See link about David Ingram, the boys teacher..HERE

     As time progressed and the boys grew older, more school work, etc, etc, the fun and excitement was dwindling and it now became somewhat of a chore to practice.

     A dear lady in my Church, Sis. Price, encouraged me to keep them practicing even when it wasn’t on their own to-do list, or a major priority in their life.

     As the high school years came, I began to see a change….don’t get me wrong…it wasn’t that they loved spending time practicing before they could be with their friends etc., but I could tell that the music was beginning to have more feeling when they played, it was starting to be a way for them to express themselves, and possibly do we dare say the word “relax”?

     The boys all now play classical piano, they have branched off into different area’s of music, but if you ask them today…….are you sorry your mom kept making you practice?  I guarantee the answer would be “we are thankful”.

     So my words to you young parents…..keep the piano lessons going, even when the finances get tight, and/or the child complains….When they grow up they will Thank YOU!!!!




The boys “just being boys”   🙂

One of my favorite family times.  Breakfast was at my mom’s house and dinner was at my sister Rachel’s house.  Food, family, and great times to be remembered!!

Special friends over for breakfast~

The little peoples table  🙂

Pier 39 ……my favorite!!!!