My Sister’s Wedding~

This is my middle sisters wedding in the year 1981. Wow, check out the pics~ I mean the styles!! My sister is a beautiful bride!!! Also pics of my Grandma and Grandpa.

We started school this last Monday.. Awe the wonder of being back on a routine. For some reason I can hardly wait until summer gets here, but there is something settling about a routine. The kids are amazing me with their getting up earlier than required, getting their goals done early and …………….having their room clean before we start school. I am blessed I hope this lasts a long time :):):)

So Caleb’s theme was Christmas, can you imagine? I don’t allow them to listen to Christmas music until November, but at the Birthday they finally got their wish to play Christmas music until I sprouted 10 gray hairs. Don’t take me wrong I like Christmas music, but only in December,……at any rate we had a lovely party. We made lots of snowflakes and hung them from the ceiling….in fact we still have them hanging, they are kind of pretty even if it is August.

Happy Birthday to my youngest son…….wow where does the time go?? He got his breakfast in bed and we are planning his party tonight. His dinner request is homemade Lasagna,Caesar Salad, French Bread, Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting and Banana Cake with White Frosting. I love you so….much!!

For our family in California, you all know the Montano Family. They were able to come by our house and visit for a few days and we were so pleased to have them come. If it is possible to laugh 24 hours a day, I think we did, well maybe for the few hours we were sleeping we didn’t. The girls and their cupcakes, too hard to explain and the Rose Gardens well you just would have had to have been there!!!!!