Our trip to Bend was busy but nice, the boys enjoyed using their airsoft guns out in the forest, yes I do require helmets. Why you may ask, well Jacob had a tooth shot off one time, very expensive deal!!! OK, then we ate at a neat restaurant in the Mill District called Greg’s Grill. On our way out of town we went to Sisters, OR and they were having a huge Quilt Show, would have been nice to stay longer, but we needed to get home, besides too…..many……people!!!!

I thought it would be fun to put some more wedding pictures on my blog. A very cute wedding, love the colors!!
Congratulations to Brandon and April King~~

Once again, I have the most wonderful opportunity to pick the cherries in my back yard!! In the Northwest we enjoy any fruit that is possible to grow. Unlike those of you in the warmer climates that enjoy fruit all the time. My cherry tree has 4 different kinds of cherries grafted in. The only problem is I can’t remember which branch is what. But we just put it all together and it makes for a delicious cherry cobbler!!!

When I was a child and my growing up days, for sure, summer was my favorite time. When I reflect as to why, (besides the obvious)I really think it was the sounds and smells that summer brings. We now live in air-conditioned houses, sprinklers systems that go on at 4:00 am in the morning, and landscape companies that take care of the lawn. Well, for us we do have the air-conditioning but the other two we do not have. :)I think the sound of the sprinkler, the sound of the lawn mower, the neighbors talking out on their front porch, we miss all of this because we are in our tight little house, free of summer. So today I chose to open the front door and listen to the sprinkler and the neighbors lawn mower. You may think me crazy but this is the part of summer that I really enjoy!!!

My sister Rachel, made this beautiful gown for a baby dedication at their church. I thought she did a lovely job, as always, she is a great seamstress!!