Ok, so we had the breakfast in bed, then in the evening we went to Portland with friends and family for a nice dinner. We also went for a walk on the waterfront. Very nice day and dinner.

Tomorrow is my oldest sons Birthday. First he will get breakfast in bed ( he has put in a request that it be at 10:00 am) 🙂 then we are going into the city for dinner with friends and family in the evening. I will post pics as I get them!!! I love you son!! With all my heart!!!! Love mom

We went to Brandon and April’s wedding about a week and half ago. Here are a few pics. Very pretty wedding!!!

OK, so I haven’t posted in awhile :{ but we had the opportunity to go stay at a beach house and relax for a week!! No wifi, just books and the beautiful water to look at. What more can I say it was absolutely wonderful!!! I will include some pics in a little while. This is a busy time of year for me, I love to work in the garden and yard work. So….when I have a spare moment I usually end up outside.

The weather was wonderful, Malibu beach was so…Wonderful!!!