These are some pics I took 2 weeks ago, the two pics of my boys, Savannah Davies, and Benson Holmes. Benson is so funny, the boys love to tease him!!! Then the last pic is of Sis. Price with Olivia Davies.

We had our old piano tuned for free, thanks to our piano teacher referral. Now you make think this old piano is ugly, and maybe it is, but all my boys have learned to play on it since they were seven years old. The piano tuner said it was a great sounding piano. I rest my case!!! Until I can afford a grand piano, I will keep my old one!!!!!

We went to LA to be with my husbands family. It was a sad time, but at the same time we were able to meet up with old friends, and also do some sight seeing. We went to Malibu beach which was wonderful, and then to Santa Monica boardwalk, although it is much smaller then it used to be. I will post some pics here, and the rest I will post on our pic web page .( if I ever get it updated ) Its wonderful to be home again and back to normal.

Please pray for my husbands family. His father is terminally ill and is not expected to live very long. My husband is in California with his father. This is very difficult for my husband, he is helping to be the caregiver at this very sad time. We love you papa!!