This is my favorite big city!!  Part of which makes it so pretty is all water and the beautiful flowers and trees!! 

     When my husband and I were in Bible College, we spent many times here in San Francisco as well as Pier 39.   So many great memories…..

     Visiting Pier 39 at Christmas is a neat experience!!!

My Three Amigo’s……What more is there to say??? Except these boys of ours, are way too much fun!!!!

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We have Round Up Sunday at my Church…  Abundant Life Pentecostal Church.  It is a great time for the Sunday School kids to have fun with various activities, food, and fellowship.

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Caleb’s 17th Birthday Celebration!!!  We love you dearly….when my youngest turns 17, that’s when I know time is flying by!!

more pics at Caleb’s Birthday

    I sense trouble in the making…….

 Some over zealous birthday singers!!

     This “tiny” town called Dayton, surrounds the town park.  We had a free afternoon and decided to go and visit this sweet little town.

     There is an ice cream shop we had heard about but it was closed so we hung out in the city park and enjoyed the nostalgic feeling in the park. Its almost like going back in time…merry-go-rounds, gazebo’s and climbing trees…ahh…

     The park is built around Oregon History with an original fort in the corner of the park.